ArchitectuurNL 02 2018 – pag. 64

ArchitectuurNL 02 2018 – pag. 64

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At your left you see the poster for the 6th edition
of the Value of Design symposium. Almost 10 months the

committee of students from the Delft University of Technology
has been working to organise a symposium which will exceed all

your expectations. All the speakers are ready to present to challenge to
design the most extraordinary shapes, which will need outstanding creativity. An

eye-catcher, an icon you their best stories about several extraordinary projects they have
created. This symposium will focus on the connection between architecture and engineering.

Shaping the Extraordinary
The theme of the upcoming Value of Design symposium will be ‘Shaping the Extraordinary’. As an
architect it is a a challenge to design the most extraordinary shapes, which will need outstanding
creativity. An eye-catcher, an icon to be seen by millions of people has to be designed, but how will
this design become reality? The engineer has to make the calculations for this difficult shape in order
to make this design safe and realistic. How can we make the most extraordinary projects together
with the engineer? At this symposium you will not only hear presentations about 2-dimensional
structures (e.g. towers), but about buildings which extend in multiple directions.

Highlighted speaker: Keith Boswell
Keith Boswell is one of the great speakers of this year’s Value of Design. He is the technical director at
the San Francisco office of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM), one of the largest architecture firms in
the world. Being the technical director at an architecture firm makes him perfect to speak about the
connection between the two disciplines. Keith Boswell orchestrates and oversees detailed design and
construction documentation for all San Francisco projects. Since joining SOM in 1981, he has worked
on high-rise office buildings, museums, government projects, amusement parks and more. He has also

developed expertise in overseas projects, working with local owners and contractors to use regional
materials to meet international standards for quality and performance.

The mysterious building on the VoD poster
The building at your left is designed by one of our speakers, Eran Chen. He is the founder and

executive director of the architecture firm ODA in New York. The building on the poster is a
design for East 44th Street in New York and is an extremely tall and slender skyscraper. It is

a new category skyscraper that must abide by typical tower parameters and combine
this with the idea of urban living in the sky and a suburban backyard in the building.

Stretching the structure vertically, 5 meter high gaps are created between every
two apartments forming sculptural gardens. The gardens allow direct sunlight to

permeate the voids, while the central core and perimeter design of the structure
dramatically reduce the wind load and provides 360 degree views of the city.

An extraordinary architectural idea with lots of structural challenges makes
this a perfect example of the interesting lectures that you can expect at the

2018 edition of Value of Design.

13:30 – 18:45
Drinks afterwards

TU Delft Aula congress centre

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Keith Boswell May 2nd 2018
Afternoon symposium
13:30 Aula TU Delft


Shaping the Extraordinary
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